transaction process

a sequence of process steps; it is some route through the complete transaction pattern, during which process steps of the same process step kind may…

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transaction phase

the standard transaction pattern consists of three consecutive phases: the proposition phase, the execution phase, and the result phase.

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transaction pattern

a pattern of process steps, alternately taken by two actor roles. The basic transaction pattern consists of the process steps ‘request’, ‘promise’, ‘state’, and ‘accept’…

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transaction kind

transactions of the same transaction kind regard products of the same product kind. Examples of transaction kinds: membership_start, rental_contracting

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transaction bank

the conceptual store associated with a transaction kind in which all coordination facts in all of its carried out transactions are stored.

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the unit of production in an organisation. The result of a successfully carried out transaction is the coming into being of a product.

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time unit

the unit for indicating or measuring pieces of time on a time scale. It may be indefinitely large or small, dependent on the needed precision….

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time scale

a division of a (discrete and linear) time dimension in consecutive pieces of equal length (duration), called time units.

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a human being in his or her quality of social individual, in particular its being able to enter into and comply with commitments. Only subjects…

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state view

there are two possible views on a world: the state view and the process view. In the state view, one is concerned with the possible…

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