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Practical Usage


The configuration file is a file used to specify custom behaviour for the Plena add-in in Enterprise Architect.

Framework Generation

This is used to define a mapping structure to automatically generate the same maps in EA. This allows for easy and structered projects, using the same structure in a new project with the click of a button.

Currently, multi-language, auto-translation and repairing is supported.



Examples may have elements or attributes omitted to make it more comprehensible.

The configuration is build up in the following way:
– It starts with the <Frameworks> tag.
– In this tag, you can define one or more tags.


A framework has the following possible attributes:

  • FrameworkName => The name of the framework
  • lang => Language of the framework. There can be multiple languages here, separated by a ‘,’. e.g. lang=”NL,EN”.

A framework can also contain the following elements:

  • <Framework> => The maps that should be made in EA
    <Framework FrameworkName=”DEMO Elements” lang=”EN”>

Inside a framework, you can define several packages using the <Package/> tag.


A package has the following possible attributes:

  • naming => A regex defining the rule to name an element that gets put in this package. If the package has no naming tag, we look at the parent package. Use none if you dont want elements in this package to be renamed.
  • defaultname => If there are no elements in the package currently, then the first element that gets put in there will get this name, and from there on continue numbering up. If this is not specified, the naming attribute is consulted, and the element will be checked for matching name, else the standard EA name is used.
  • TypeAbbreviation => The prefix for the name of the element can be specified here. Transaction Kinds have the default T, but you can specify something different here.

A package can also contain the following elements:

  • Name => Name of the package. In the event of multiple languages, this element is specified multiple times, with the lang attribute
    <Name lang=”NL”>Organisatie</Name>
    <Name lang=”EN”>Organisation</Name>
  • Tag => Used to find this Package inside EA. Makes auto-translation and multi-lang support possible.
  • Stereotype => Used to define which element types should go in this Package. Multiple lines can be made.
    If stereotype is “NonSpecifiedTypes”, everything that has no package of their own will go here.
  • Notes => This will show the text defined here in the package notes in EA.
  • Package => Packages can be defined inside other Packages


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