Here you can find a list of features in Plena. Checkmarks in the column indicate if they are present in that specific license. Dont have a license or not sure what to do? Go here.

Function Basic (Free) Standard (Subscription) Extended (Subscription) Specials (Subscription)
Process Step Choice
Generate Transaction Product Table
Generate Transaction Process Diagram Elements
EditSelected Window Basic Elements
Actor numbering follows Transaction
EditSelected Window Standard Elements
Generate Process Step Diagram
Generate Action Rule Diagram
Automatically Rename Elements
Automatically renumber products
Synchronize Aliasses
Reverse incorrect connections
Prevent incorrect connections
Save diagrams after tool operation
Reload diagrams after tool operation
Automatically use rectangular line style for new links
Generate a framework
Configure your own framework
Recreate diagrams when already existing
Reposition Windows
Save preferences
Use caching to speed up
Automatically put elements in packages
Logging of information and errors
Combine Lines
Duplicate Element
Automatically rename child elements
Generate Transaction Process Diagram
EditSelected Access to all elements
Configuration File
Interview integration
Information Use Table
Operations Window OFD
Disco Conversion