with every (discrete event) system, a world is associated in which the effects of the acts in the system take place. More specifically, the effect…

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work instructions

next to action rules, the action model of an aspect organisation may contain work instructions, i.e. guidelines for performing production acts.

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waiting link

a link in a process model between a coordination act and a coordination fact, indicating that the performance of the coordination act has to wait…

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value scale

an object class whose elements are values. A value scale has a dimension (like time, length, mass, temperature, or money) and a scale unit (like…

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abstract object, notably a number or a boolean (true or false).

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validity claim

in performing a coordination act, three validity claims are raised by the performer and validated by the addressee: the claim to truth, the claim to…

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a change of state of a world. A transition consists of the creation of an independent fact, usually together with a number of dependent facts.

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transaction status

most recently performed process step in a transaction process.

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transaction product table

table of transaction kinds and their corresponding product kinds.

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transaction process diagram

representation form of the transaction pattern

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